A Vacay in Madagascar

Tropical and sunny with culture that is bursting with colours and life is what is quintessentially Madagascar. The new Ash & Eden collection takes inspiration from these aspects of Madagascar art and culture. Bright and bold in its appearance, the ‘Vacation in Madagascar’ collection captures the spirited essence of the land. 

While doing so, the collection, just like the brand, aims at instigating meaningful dialogue between the worlds of the makers and the wearers. This way we see our brand making fashion sustainable by globalising the maker's art to meet the global market’s design preferences. 

Sanganeri block printing art of Jaipur / The Indian craft of block printing fusioned with African motifs form the backbone of this collection. Not only do we use limited prints inspired by the flora and fauna of the nation, we reuse those prints to make silhouettes in various designs. These garments are designed keeping in mind their utility and longevity to provide our women with style but also with the comfort they need.

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