Our Story

Growing up I saw my mother play several roles to perfection, and the one that left the biggest impression on me was of a woman who loved what she did. There was not a single day over the two and a half decades of her professional career that she wasn’t excited to go to work. She made it look like listening to music- enjoyable, essential, as if she was grooving!

    When the COVID-19 storm shook the world I watched her gracefully save her first child, Creatnet, the fashion company my parents had started. In the ashes of ‘the world as we knew it’ I watched them strive for a world better than the one we knew. 

    We imagined a better world of conscious, meaningful choices. One where what we own is cherished and made to last. One where the planet and creators can thrive. One where fashion is not a cause of destruction but a space for creation! Like a phoenix rising from its ashes, the better world would be an evolution!

   Ash & Eden is the lyric of that song. On the beat of slow fashion we create clothing that means something and brings meaning to those who make them. To the melody of skilled artisan craftsmanship we create garments contemporized for a global market.  Each garment has a soul, a story to tell, and we endeavor to make it one you cherish.

   As we imagined this better world in the form of Ash & Eden I found myself hearing the music as well. It was like my mother had made it seem- enjoyable, essential, and just like that we were both grooving together!

Ash & Eden is a dream we see together. A hope of creating an eden from ashes.

My mother Garima and I

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